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Alex (Siri for Android) Free


Alex is your own personal assistant for your phone. Alex can chat to you, perform tasks for you and update your social profiles.Alex 2 has been totally redesigned & comes with a much cleaner interface and easier use.
Alex ChatBot feature is in Beta and we were constantly working to improve it's feature. We have the feature for fun and not to get any user information and store it. Thank you
Some examples of what to say to Alex:
"Call John", "Text Claire saying 'Hi there!'", "Update facebook status", "Tweet 'I love Alex'", "Read messages","Turn on light""Find me a pizza shop near me","What is weather","'Fenton' in YouTube","'Books' in Amazon""'Iron Man 3' movie"Search Google for 'Gas stations near Manchester'" or Search for 'Restaurants near New York'""Show me directions from Manchester to London" or "Directions from Los Angel to Las Vegas""Set alarm for quarter past 6" or "Set alarm for 8:30","Remind me to pick up the shopping tomorrow at 6 o'clock","Who is Michael Jackson?","What is 12 times 6","What is the weather in London?","Open Camera","Play a song from music library""Switch on WiFi"
New Features in current version!
1. Now Alex will remember your name, date of birth and address. It is very cool right :)2. New improved UI look and feel with improved design including bubbles around the chat3. New features added in UI including Keyboard to add/edit the text and Setting tabs4. Added FAQ menu under setting tabs5. New features to add new replies and commands.6. Added new conversation mode to chat continuously without touching the circle7. Added multiple language support and conversations8. Translation features is been added. Currently 30 + Languages is supported including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian,Chinese, Vietnamese,German,Hindi,Indonesian, Tamil, Swedish and more9. Various bug fixes and crashes reported by our users around the world!!!
Alex Pro will works in 30 + languages!!!
There is a pro, donation version of Alex which has no adverts, allows you to chat in multiple languages and will learn custom commands.